Nopporn Vuttikul - Lord Mayor of Hua Hin

Nopporn Vuttikul – Lord Mayor of Hua Hin

Welcome to the Centara World Masters Golf Championships 2017.

Hua Hin city is proud to support this event through my office, recognizing the importance of golf tourism and welcoming golfers specifically to Hua Hin and generally to all of Thailand’s excellent resorts.

Events like this are not only a great source of community pride; they also bring social and economic benefits to the host community. Golf tourism is one of the largest contributors to Hua Hin’s economy and supporting events like the Centara World Masters will help us achieve our goal to be recognized as Asia’s best golf destination.

I would like to thank the participants, local community, sponsors and event organizers for their terrific efforts in bringing a great golf event to Hua Hin and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Nopporn Vuttikul
Lord Mayor of Hua Hin