Golf Handicaps

The ‘slope handicap system’ will be utilised to calculate player handicaps for the Championship rounds. Under the slope system, the difficulty of the golf course and the tee blocks played from determine a player’s handicap prior to the start of each round. An average of your daily handicap based on the slope index across all tournament courses will be calculated for you and communicated to you at tournament registration.

Handicap Committee

The handicap committee is committed to fairness and scoring integrity. The handicap committee will review the 6 month playing scoring history of all players to check for any irregularities and validate all handicaps prior to the commencement of the Championship. Participants must disclose if they hold a handicap at more than one course, and the lower handicap will be used for the Championship. Failure to disclose information relevant to your golf handicap may make you ineligible for golf prizes.

Handicap Adjustments

The handicap committee have managed large international amateur tournaments for more than 20 years. Based on this experience, the handicap committee have developed a complex and proven system for adjusting player handicaps (reductions only) following each round of the tournament. The handicap adjustments take into consideration:

  • Scores for each round in relation to the calculated course rating. The calculated course rating is based on the 15th percentile score at the course you are playing each day.
  • Consistently high scoring
  • Scores recorded on predetermined holes
  • On course review of playing ability

The handicap committee’s decisions on handicaps are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

What You Need to Do

Participants are required to provide the handicap committee with access to their 6 month playing history. You have the option of providing a website link to your handicap history or login details for the handicap committee to access this information from an approved source. Where handicaps are not available online, a 6 month playing history (courses played and scores) signed by an authorised club official is required. Handicap verification is required by 20 April 2022.

Note: Australian participants who have supplied their GolfLink number are not required to provide any additional information as the tournament committee will access your handicap information from the Golf Link website.

If you have any difficulties in providing the handicap committee with access to your handicap and scoring history please contact us before 20 April 2022.